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  • Would you like to have more energy to live the life you desire?
  • Let Priority Wellness help you to reach your zenith
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Let Colleen at Priority Wellness develop a personal action plan to put the enthusiasm and energy back into your life so you can lead the life you desire and reach your zenith.

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First four treatments for $275.
($80 for 1st session, 3 follow up sessions at $65ea. Normally priced at $320)

contact Colleen on 021 160 3725 to make your appointment now.

Live For Real

For an in-home X-treme Food Makeover or Uth Skin Rejuvenation Care Trial Event contact Colleen on 021 160 3725 to make your appointment now!

About Me

I bring over 15 years of experience helping people gain more energy so they can reach their zenith to live the life they desire. Let me develop a personal action plan for you so you can live the life you desire.
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With Mannatech’s range of targeted effortless daily solutions you can ensure you are doing the best for your body everyday. Not only that, at no additional cost, you can be help ensure children around the world receive critical everyday nutrition too.


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Would you like to become a Kinesiology practitioner yourself so you can learn to self-manage your own and others health?

Priority Wellness offers a range of events, everything from two day workshops to evening seminars to learn how to gain the energy to reach your zenith.

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What is the priority in your life?

1. What is your number one priority ?
(such as: health/ finance/ more time/ retirement/ helping others/ business/ sport/ secure future)

2. Why did you pick that one?

3. Why is that important to you?

4. What are the consequences of not having that opportunity?

5. Why would that worry you?

Priority Wellness can assist you in making your priority a reality in your life.

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