Creating Energy For Life

  • Is Living Joyfully and fully important to you?
  • Let Colleen help you put the sparkle into your life
  • Clear away stuck emotions, fears, phobias, tension, ease discomfort

At Priority Wellness we specialise in holistic therapy so that your enthusiasm, energy, clarity and insight shines to maximise your life opportunities and longevity.

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Special Package  CLINIC OFFER

First four treatments for $275.
($80 for 1st session, 3 follow up sessions at $65ea. Normally priced at $320)

contact Colleen on 021 160 3725 to make your appointment.

Real Food Nutrition

Our body needs have not changed…but our choices have!  Sample our real food nutrition  X-treme Food Makeover contact Colleen on 021 160 3725 to make your time now!

About Me

Living a life that we can fully participate in to me brings the greatest joy to the soul.  No matter what situation we find ourselves, no matter what the past, no matter our limitations, our beliefs, we can all experience more joy and love in our lives.   The freedom to release fears, phobias, stuck emotions, pain held deep and way too long, is available within these holistic therapies.    I personally believe that Personal Development and a deep knowing of who you truly are creates the space for a stronger, happier and more successful YOU.
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Mannatech – Breakthrough in Health

Real Food affordable nutrition you can be sure of proven quality and science to bridge the nutritional gap.  As you take care of your own nutritional needs you are also nourishing children around the world. Join Priority Wellness and support M5M..mission 5 million.


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Kinesiology, Colour Harmonics and Soul Power Colour Therapy – suitable for everyone?

Priority Wellness offers a range of events, everything from two day workshops to evening seminars.

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What is the priority in your life?

1. What is your number one priority ?
(such as: health/ finance/ more time/ drop a dress size/ retirement/ helping others/ business/ sport/ secure future)

2. Why did you pick that one?

3. Why is that important to you?

4. What are the consequences of not having that opportunity?

5. Why would that worry you?

Priority Wellness can assist you in making your priority a reality in your life.

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