Health At Your Fingertips

An enjoyable one-day workshop showing you quick and simple skills so you can feel more relaxed, confident and happy about your life situations.  

As a participant in this one day course you will learn introductory skills to self-manage your own and others health and wellness and immediately be able to incorporate it into your everyday life and enjoy the benefits of increased energy.  Health at your Fingertips is also a great introduction to the Touch of Health programme.

In this course you will:

  • Learn quick and simple muscle tests to assess your body’s needs
  • Raise energy and vitality at the start of your day
  • Improve your ability to cope and find solutions
  • Gain confidence in achieving your personal goals
  • Experience Colour, Aotea Rose and Shell Essences for emotional healing process

FEE: $100 for 1 day

Upcoming Health At Your Fingertips workshops

There are no upcoming events at this time.  
If no events are showing, please register your interest, and Colleen will be in touch soon.
“Thank you Colleen it has been amazing re learning with you to guide me. I really appreciate the time, effort and joy that you give with every session. Thank you”
– Kathy Moore, September 2016 (Touch For Health – Levels 1 – 4)