Soul Power – LEVEL 2 Sacred Geometry

Learn how to attune to inner guidance and work with the subtle energy of the body. Awareness of the sacred geometry patterns and how to use Colour Kinesiology to bring alignment to the body, mind and spirit. The lines of energy and incarnational Earth- Soul stars. Protection and Awareness.… Read More

Colour for Life / Soul Power – LEVEL 1

Colour therapy with Kinesiology using muscle monitoring, tests and corrections. Understanding the energy systems of the body and the Colour selection with interpretation of remedies as colour mainly works with the eye, brain and thinking/feeling systems. Colour symbology and application to the body. Experience the subtle and yet profound effects of self-discovery and how to help others. … Read More

Touch For Health Kinesiology – LEVEL 2

LEVEL 2 – Identify the underlying cause of imbalance and correct using the principles of the Chinese Law of 5 Elements Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. Find the emotional link and the deep patterns held within.… Read More

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