Colour for Life / Soul Power – LEVEL 1

Cost $580 per level (incl GST)
Prepay all 3 levels $1490 (incl GST) saving $250
Includes, Manuals, Certificates, workbooks.

Bring the gift of colour harmonics and body healing with Kinesiology blended into a powerful healthcare modality. A practical mix of kinesiology techniques with colour vibrations through the power of your hands. Each levels builds more on and opens the door to the sacred geometry of healing. Age-old healing principles bring swift and deep transformation. … Read More

TMJ Reset

Learn the TMJ Reset technique yourself, to reset and balance the jaw and reduce stress. As the muscles and ligaments of the face, head and neck start to ease the face can relax and ease tension resulting in potential multiple … Read More

Touch for Health Proficiency (Level 5)

This Level 5 Touch For Health Kinesiology course is a Proficiency qualification. It is necessary to register with Natural Health Practitioners NZ as a Practitioner member (640 hours training) or as a Student member (if still completing 640 hours training) … Read More

Touch For Health Kinesiology – LEVEL 4

Cost $565 per level (incl GST)
Prepay all 4 levels $1895.00 (incl GST) save $370
Includes Manuals, Workbooks & Certificates

LEVEL 4 – A full assessment of 42 muscles and consolidation of all techniques. Postural stress release, Sound, Colour … Read More

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