Wellness with Kinesiology was started by Colleen in 1998 as a result of a life long ambition to discover and understand how to achieve optimal human health. Coming from a big family of 9 children Colleen learnt early in life that the complexities of family dynamics can place stress on our emotional and nutritional wellbeing.

Being always curious to ask the next question and not settle for 'because that's the way it is' finding solutions to ensure we develop to our full potential is a main driver in her life. Overcoming the various health challenges during her life and excelling in all she puts her efforts into result in numerous 'personal bests' in every aspect of her life. A National Dance Champion, Coach, Certified Kinesiology and BodyTalk Practitioner, Tutor, successful business woman and Public Speaker, Colleen walks the talk.

Colleen believes that Good health isn't a matter of luck - but how well we support our physical, mental and emotional and nutritional needs of our body.

Priority Wellness operates with a professional ethic of Integrity and Confidentiality across all products and services offered to clients, respecting an integrative approach and causing no harm, boldly supporting the social values of society and bringing a sense of meaning and purpose into everyday life.
To empower  and empathise with people so they can identify more closely with their values, goals and potential so that each person can have hope for a more happy, fulfilling and authentic life. 

Priority Wellness offers holistic therapy that enables you to

fully participate in your life:

Direction In Life

Direction In Life

Find your Way in Life

Insight/clarity about your current situation and what you really love to do

Discover more of your talents and gifts and acknowledge how they support the roles you play in life

Relationships - nurture and make quality healthy relationships for family, friends, work and play

Personal Development

Personal Development

Self Help and New  Skills

Know that self-change starts with self-understanding

We are all in the process of change and always remember life should be FUN

Body Image

Love who you are and regain positive self esteem

Remove fears and phobias, limitations and uncover the real you

Nutritional support that nourishes your body and mind, promotes lean muscle and a healthier YOU

Emotional & Mental Health

Emotional and Mental

Ease the body and mind of turmoil  - worry, fear, anger, grief and unhappiness  - your body holds onto all your experiences, and creating a space to let go of the old to make way for the new is the most important strategy you can take.  

Calm the nervous system, feel the empowering energy within your body and mind and start to remember how good life is again.

Aches & Pains

Aches and Pains

Your body can do amazing things with the right support.

Harmonise all the body’s systems to ease pain, discomfort and restore correct balance to your muscles, organs and emotional flow.

When YOU sparkle so do your friends and family