No two sessions are the same as your body soaks up the goodness and harmony it  so wants!

Priority Wellness offers:

  • Full in-depth consultations and balances

  • Quick ‘pick me up’ balances

  • Facial Rejuvenation

  • Detox and Body Cleanse

  • Goal Setting for career, business, sport and personal

  • Mental and Emotional Stress Release

Your body knows exactly what it needs and using the tools of Kinesiology, BodyTalk and Colour Harmonics we can identify the key emotion and energy system that needs to be rebalanced and harmonised to get you through whatever challenge you currently face.  Using gentle but powerful corrections to repair pathways of communication between the brain and the body, mind and soul.

In a typical session one often experiences deep rest as the body/mind has a space to renew.  Various techniques include acupressure, emotional stress release, foot and head reflexes, brain integration, muscle tension release, body balancing.   It will involve a combination of Kinesiology and BodyTalk, supplemented with Soul Power Colour System, Aotea Rose and Shell Essences.

Most people walk away feeling far more balanced physically, mentally and emotionally.

Special Package CLINIC OFFER

4 sessions for $325.00

Packages & Pricing

Body & Mind Rest & Rejuvenate

$90 - 1.5 hours
  • $90 one-off treatments (1.5 hours)
  • $325 x 4 sessions - special if paid in advance
  • A full 1.5 hour in-depth total body and mind treatment that allows you to deeply rest bringing alignment and balance to your body systems. Treatment consists of corrections within the full spectrum of the Kinesiology, Colour Harmonics and BodyTalk modalities.
  • Perfect to uplift and support for daily living. Ideal when one is wanting to bring clarity, focus, resolution and achievement in such things as family stress, sport performance, career, relationships, finances, learning, general wellbeing and personal development .

Personal Insight Consultation

$145 - 2 hours

(includes your personal remedy)

  • Identify the four key areas of your life and bring greater understanding and solutions to the issues, challenges, gifts and talents you currently have. Colleen uses colour remedy combinations and the awareness of colour harmonics to highlight key aspects of your life path vital to your current situation here and now.
  • Your personal colour remedy is gently massaged onto the foot or hand reflexes to activate the healing qualities and bring about the positive improvements in your life.
  • Perfect for anyone wanting to understand their life journey better and the qualities they need to develop to take them to the next step.

Foot Reflex Massage

$70 - 45 minutes
  • Your colour remedy is selected specific to your priority needs and gently infuses and uptakes through your foot or Hand reflex points to enable the whole body to experience rest, rejuvenation and re-balance.
  • Colleen can provide additional insight and helpful tips that will encourage your body’s natural movement to better overall wellbeing.

TMJ RESET - Balance the JAW – Balance the Body

$90 - 75 minutes

(recommended 3 treatments)

  • A simple, painless and effective technique that helps to RESET the jaw using energy through the muscles, nerves and ligaments.
    An extremely powerful technique acting on the TMJ (temporomandibular joint) which influences the whole body as the slightest tension in the jaw can play a key role in cranial and spinal dynamics.
  • Once correctly RESET can effect the whole body including hydration and emotional issues.

Facial Rejuvenation with FaceLIFT Kansa

$80 - 75 minutes
  • Natural Facelift Rejuvenation (face massage) - the most gentle blissful treatment your face will ever experience.
  • This deeply relaxing “holistic” treatment is based on ancient Ayurvedic techniques and performed without oils or creams. Using specific “lifting” techniques this gentle non-invasive approach will free up the facial muscles and connective tissue to encourage effective blood circulation and lymph draining. The result – a glowing complexion!
  • The art of Ayurveda Kansa face massage is still being taught today as people are looking for holistic ways to nurture and look after themselves... releasing the tension held in our facial muscles brings an uplifting tone and glow to ones beauty. As taught by The London Champissage International.   Now Available at Priority Wellness.


Detox Therapy Package

  • Cleansing the organs at the cellular level is fundamental to optimal health and wellbeing. Assisting the organs function more efficiently and in the way they are designed, can greatly assist one’s sense of wellbeing and can be anti-aging.
  • This very unique Package offers you TWO TMJ Reset sessions (1 hour each) which greatly influence the body’s ability to release chemicals, stress and build up of impurities. You also receive 8 weeks supply of a targeted nutritional detox drink and probiotics for 8 weeks.
  • This supportive Detox Therapy package is designed to help you feel invigorated, energetic and benefits of better sleep and mood.
Take the first step towards feeling more balanced

Understanding the modalities


Identifying the greatest challenges in your life, as the first step to a happier more fulfilling life.  Our Muscles are the bio-link between the brain and the body. When challenges happen, even mild stress the muscles will reflect that stress in the central nervous system. Kinesiology is the Science of Movement based on traditional Chinese principles. Kinesiologists non-invasively test the muscles to identify what is the most significant cause that is creating the imbalance within the body/mind.  Corrections are made to release the blocks therefore allowing a person’s natural healing ability to transform the challenge.

Kinesiology is a non-invasive treatment where the body’s choice is ALWAYS honoured. The priority of needs to be addressed is communicated by the body’s own innate intelligence. The healing begins when all the parts of your body are re-synchronised and communicating with each other.


Switches on your body’s innate ability to accelerate healing. BodyTalk is  based on proven principles of energy medicine. It encompasses physical, mental, emotional, chemical and nutritional matters concurrently. A BodyTalk practitioner asks your body a series of "yes" and "no" questions and answers are received through physical responses of the body. These responses determine where ‘energy circuits’ within the body are weakened, stressed, blocked, or broken. It is these circuits that are the ones that need to be synchronised to allow the flow of healthy energy. The rebalancing is done by gentle tapping on the client's head and also on the sternum near the heart. The intention of the cranial tapping is to "wake up the brain" so that it can open pathways between the brain and the other body parts which require repair or balancing. The intention of tapping the chest region is to lock in the memory of these re-connections.

Like Kinesiology, with BodyTalk, the body’s choice is also ALWAYS honoured, it is a non-invasive treatment where the priority of needs to be addressed is communicated by the body’s own innate intelligence. The healing begins when all the parts of your body are resynchronized and communicating with each other.

kinesiology waikato

Soul Power Colour System - Using Harmony Light Colour Oils

A symbolic healthcare modality using colour and vibrational remedies  strengthen the attribute(s) required to enhance our personal circumstance. The client and/or practitioner intuitively selects the colour oil that will bring the greatest benefit. The chosen remedy colour can deeply revitalise and rebalance the body, mind and spirit. The oils are used in conjunction with a Kinesiology analysis to achieve the balance required, by massaging them into the reflex points on the feet, head and hands. Most relaxing!

Unicorn Colour Therapy system

Aotea Rose and Shell Essences

Both these ranges of essences assist in bringing clarity to the emotional aspects of what is needed to be known for the existing situation.   Essence are selected and either administered orally or applied topically.  The verse, words and inspiration reflect on the problem, challenge or worry that the client has and can then assist in understanding why they feel this way and what thoughts / ideas / concepts need to be gained to move through situations.

TMJ Reset

Reduce tension with a TMJ reset.

The TMJ joint holds an over proportionate level of tension and stress, affecting the skeletal, muscular, nervous and meridian systems and also hydration, all of which can have an impact learning, posture, digestion and chronic pain. Empirical testing shows that relaxing the TMJ muscle, relaxes over 90% of the muscles in the body and if this can be achieved toxins are released and the natural harmony of the body is restored.

A TMJ Reset procedure can either be undertaken in the clinic or through one of the Priority Wellness workshops where clients learn how to do it for themselves and on others.