“for the last six weeks I’ve never felt better, my sports performance has definitely improved and I feel like I have more energy and can go for longer” – Leroy
“I was struggling to believe that I would ever be rid of this frustrating pain, I am now starting to get around much more comfortably and my upright than I’ve been for a long time. Everyday now I walk with minimal pain, and I cannot express my gratitude enough – it feels like a big weight has been lifted from my shoulders” – Alan
“Fantastic body balance; really helped me get focused” – Amy, 2017
“Just want to acknowledge something special that happened to Colleen Ryan of Priority Wellness today that I know she would be too modest to tell everyone…

We were sitting at a cafe, planning some events, when we heard an elderly lady say to the people she was with, “that’s Colleen Ryan, she’s a very caring and capable person”.  She then came over to us and introduced herself. She said to Colleen “you won’t remember me, but you gave me a treatment at your clinic a number of years ago. I was in a very bad way then and you turned my life around. I’ve always remembered you and what you did for me”.

It was such a touching moment. You never know what you might do that actually transforms someones life. You’re a gem Colleen” – Dorothy, 2016

“Just an update for you C…. my weight is getting to where I want it! I am doing far better on the sweets front too, thank you – it’s has all been too easy”

(Written 2 months after the initial appointment with one session to assist with sweet tooth syndrome and reduce sugar in the food choices.)

“Thank you as I was so stressed out worrying [about an upcoming family gathering] and it turned out to be one of the best weekends ever. I was relaxed and happy and enjoyed it too.”
“I now absolutely understand what I can do next in my life” – Karen
“Understanding more about me and my talents was fantastic – I wish I had done that ages ago!”  – Jane
“My body feels balanced now and I feel my posture is more upright” – Debbie
“After a few sessions I can look back and see how different my life is now – thank you so much!”  –  Kath


“Thank you Colleen it has been amazing re learning with you to guide me. I really appreciate the time, effort and joy that you give with every session. Thank you”
– Kathy Moore, September 2016 (Touch For Health – Levels 1 – 4)
“Clear Practical explanations and plenty of practice time” – Mary
“I can go home feeling confident in using the skills I have learned” – Ana
“Colleen didn’t rush or pressure us, so we felt relaxed and confident” – Tim

Uth Skincare

“I’ve noticed that the two small white lumps have always been on the outside of my right nostril are al but gone now and they have been there for ‘ever’. The only difference in my skincare regime has been Uth” – Gayleen
“The brow lines on my forehead have definitely lessened and I don’t like like I’m frowning any more” – Sarah
“My face glows and looks vibrant – people comment to me all the time” – Charlotte
“Being mistaken for much younger than I am was a huge compliment; I just love Uth” – Anne
“The brown marks have lessened and I don’t feel conscious of them any more” – Debbie
“One product is all I use now – it’s affordable, cost effective and works” – Hilary

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