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What is the Priority in your life?

1. What is your number one priority ? (such as: health/finance/more time/retirement/helping others/business/sport/secure future)
2. Why did you pick that one?
3. Why is that important to you?
4. What are the consequences of not having that opportunity?
5. Why would that worry you?

Priority Wellness can assist you in making your priority a reality in your life.  Contact Colleen for more information.

How long are the sessions?

Appointments are 1.50 hours for the initial core foundation assessment with follow up appointments at 45 minutes. Sometimes one session is enough for a particular trauma, issue, problem with most people deciding on 4 balances a year for personal growth and health maintenance.

Do I have to believe in this stuff for it to work?

No, you are made up of cells and organs and systems that thankfully understand the roles they must undertake to keep you functioning and alive. Remember that time you accidently cut yourself or burned yourself on the stove? or broke a bone or sprained an ankle? Your skin and joint healed eventually and it did so because of your own innate body intelligence. Kinesiology is a modality that has access to this same level of your body’s intelligence.

How long before I start to see results?

From your very first session you will begin to make progress towards your desired goal and the effects of each and every session continue throughout your lifetime. Change can happen in an instant when there is focus, observation and understanding. You will always be moving in the direction of greater wellbeing if you desire to create a better life for yourself and get the right support and committed to change. The good news is Kinesiology always works with what your body/mind seeks and directs you towards daily toward the life you want.

What about nutrition and dietary substances?

Many people ask about dietary supplements and foods and the answer is always the same;

  • firstly let’s get your body systems up to optional function
  • secondly let’s get your hydration levels to normal
  • thirdly lets remove as much processed foods and sugars and toxins from your diet and make better choices around real food options. The needs of our body have not changed but our choices have so by eliminating the main culprits will place less stress on your digestive tract, giving your body a chance to lighten up and start to remember how to digest food
  • fourthly, let’s test for the most biogenic (raises your vitality and energy) foods required for you during this time of change and improvement
  • lastly – bridge the nutritional gap with REAL FOOD options inclusive of glyconutrients, vitamins and minerals and anti-oxidants from plant sourced ingredients

Do I need to tell you anything?

No it’s not necessary that you explain everything or disclose information, however, a general outline of the issue you seek to resolve does assist in the process of resolution and change. Kinesiology can measure the level of stress you have around a particular issue and this indicates where help is needed.

Is there a correcting response?

Kinesiology is a safe system of healthcare that measures your body’s needs and responses during any one session. This means you are getting everything you can handle at any one appointment ensuring you feel refreshed, rejuvenated and re-balanced. Sometimes you may experience tiredness or thirst for a day or so after a session and indicates the need for you to rest, drink quality water, and allow the process to happen. This is not unpleasant in anyway and think of it a an opportunity to give back to your body.

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