Colour Therapy – Colour For Life Levels 1, 2 and 3

Deep within we each know ourselves far better than any health professional. Colour helps us access this deep inner knowing which is beyond the conscious mind. In choosing and applying our colours we can access this deep level, raise our self- awareness, restore harmony, enabling the body to resume its normal rhythm and function.

This deep part of us knows our true path in life, our needs and our gifts.

Chakara Correspondence on the Feet

Colour for Life is a gentle and powerful Colour Therapy using 100% natural herbal and gem Unicorn Essences to help you discover and align to your purpose in life, helping you to handle stresses in your life, and remain in an harmonious state.

  • Colour therapy can improve your energy.
  • Colour therapy can soothe emotions.
  • Colour therapy can help you discover and align you to your purpose in life.

Learn colour therapy using the Unicorn Colour Therapy system to help you handle stresses in your life, and keep you in a consistent state of improving physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Unicorn essences combine herbs, essential oils, aroma, crystals, platonic solids, stellar energies and phonics, magnifying these colour resonances – a trans-formative tool using nature’s colour.

Unicorn was developed in Australia by Antony Cooper over 20 years ago, and is widely used in Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, and USA.

Unicorn Colour Therapy system

Unicorn harmonises and revitalises different aspects of our physical body and energy field. Every cell and organ in our body resonates to a colour, our emotions and thoughts radiate out as different colours. On a soul level we are a vibration of colour- our spiritual and personality qualities are reflected in our colours.

Colour Therapy – Colour for Life / Soul Power Level 1

In this introduction to colour therapy you will learn how to use colour as a counselling tool and powerful remedy influencing every aspect of our life. Each colour relates to different emotions, to different aspects of the physical body, and to our deeper spiritual purpose in life.

Selected colour combinations are interpreted to reveal underlying issues in one’s life, the talents we have assist us and the answers or response from deep inner knowing.

Level 1 Course Content

  • Personal colour selections
  • Colour Counselling – consultation process
  • Colour symbology
  • Interpreting the chosen colours
  • Determining the remedy
  • Application of Aura Light remedies
  • Chakra Lights – and their use

Colour Therapy – Colour for Life Level 2

In Level 2 Colour for Life you will learn more in depth interpretations of colour. Understand how patterns of selected colours reveal the deep inner response of a person. This powerful understanding creates wonderful insights and awareness, helping us deal successfully with issues in our life, and raises our consciousness.

Level 2 Course Content

  • Unicorn colour essences
  • Complementary colours
  • Colour progression in a consultation
  • In-depth study of colours
  • Consultation procedures
  • Applying remedies
  • Rays of Light

Colour Therapy – Colour for Life Level 3

Colour for Life level 3 course will give you a deeper understanding of the spiritual meanings of colour.
Discover insights through the correlation of numerology to the colour combinations. Study the Master set of Unicorn bottles and how their finer vibration brings harmony to higher levels of our being. More about Colour Therapy.

Level 3 Course Content

  • Numerology and Colour
  • Master Bottles
  • 12 chakras on higher levels
  • Add Light for help with addictions
  • Chakra related Essences
  • Higher colour frequency Essences
  • Increasing intuition
  • Advanced Consultations

FEE (each level): $580 for 16 hours (over 2 days)
Prepay Special Offer 3 Levels $1490 (save $250)

Students who have done this course before may repeat it for a discounted fee of $150. It can be great to do the courses more than once to really feel confident especially when consulting others.

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