Online teaching offered for some workshops.

With everything from two day workshops to evening seminars, Priority Wellness offers something for everyone.

Looking forward to sharing powerful healthcare modalities.

Empowering workshops and therapies for self-help, personal development, careers in holistic health modalities.

Learn the body energy systems and simple but profound correcting techniques for you, your family, clients, friends.

All workshops offered by Colleen give a clear pathway and qualified credits to becoming a Registered Natural Health Practitioner and/or Instructor.


Health At Your Fingertips

An enjoyable one-day workshop showing you quick and simple skills so you can feel more relaxed, confident and happy about your life situations.

As a participant in this one day course you will learn introductory skills to self-manage your own and others health and wellness and immediately be able to incorporate it into your [click to read more information...]

Touch For Health

Imagine also being able to help others improve their lives and enjoy the benefits you have already discovered.  Colleen is a fully qualified trainer and can train you to be a Kinesiologist Practitioner or Instructor.  The Touch of Health courses are ideal for [click to read more information...]

Colour For Life

Deep within we each know ourselves far better than any health professional. Colour helps us access this deep inner knowing which is beyond the conscious mind. In choosing and applying our colours we can access this deep level, raise our self- awareness, restore harmony, enabling [click to read more information...]

Soul Power Kinesiology

Learn how to use colour as a counselling tool and powerful remedy, to create harmony in life. Each colour relates to different emotions, to different aspects of the physical body, and to our deeper spiritual purpose in life. Selected colour combinations are interpreted to reveal underlying issues in one’s life, and the answers or response from deep inner knowing. Using kinesiology to enhance the colour therapy process. [click to read more information...]

The 12 Revealed Masters - A New Consciousness for this new Millennium

Tools for Awakening and Connecting with the deep frequency range of essences to help lift you to the Master Level of Consciousness.
A time to reflect that we are now experiencing a time of reconciliation and the pulling together of all that was good in the past and
creating New Foundations to build our future lives upon. [click to read more information...]

Practical Training Workshops

Participants are encouraged to bring along a client to practice on or anyone may join in to be a client and discover the benefits of increased energy. [click to read more information...]

Kinesiology Information Day

Would you like to find out more about Kinesiology and how it can help you lead the life you desire? [click to read more information...]

TMJ Reset

Learn the TMJ Reset technique yourself, to reset balance the jaw and reduce stress and tension. Once you have the skills you can perform the procedure on yourself or someone else. [click to read more information...]