Priority Wellness offers holistic therapy that enables you to
fully participate in your life

Clear away stuck emotions, fears, phobias, tension, lack of energy and discomfort


At Priority Wellness we specialise in holistic therapy so that your enthusiasm, energy, clarity and insight shines
to maximise your life opportunities and longevity.
2 DAY WORKSHOP - No Prerequisites

The 12 Revealed Masters - A New Consciousness for this new Millennium

9am to 4pm Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 June (Cambridge)  
An introduction to the Colour Harmonics where anyone can participate.
Cost $380 - includes beautiful Colour Resource ‘Revealed Masters, Antony Cooper’, Your Personal Colour Bottle Remedy, Certificate. A personal development and self insight workshop revealing the deep connection to the Spiritual Masters and alignment with the new consciousness.
Colleen Ryan Priority Wellness

About Colleen

Living a life that we can fully participate in to me brings the greatest joy to the soul.  No matter what situation we find ourselves, no matter what the past, no matter our limitations, our beliefs, we can all experience more joy and love in our lives.   The freedom to release fears, phobias, stuck emotions, pain held deep and way too long, is available within these holistic therapies.    I personally believe that Personal Development and a deep knowing of who you truly are creates the space for a stronger, happier and more successful YOU.

Helping you whatever your stage or goals in life

To create a plan personalised to help you sparkle