Soul Power Kinesiology Colour Harmonics

Basic Levels 1,2,3  and  Advanced Levels 4,5,6

Soul Power Kinesiology course
Level 1 – Personal Colour Connection
Learn how to use colour as a counselling tool and powerful remedy, to create harmony in life. Each colour relates to different emotions, to different aspects of the physical body, and to our deeper spiritual purpose in life. Selected colour combinations are interpreted to reveal underlying issues in one’s life, and the answers or response from deep inner knowing. Using kinesiology to enhance the colour therapy process.

  • Introduction to Kinesiology
  • Introduction to Colour Therapy
  • Colour Counselling – consultation process
  • Unicorn Personal Colour Selection
  • Colour symbology
  • Interpreting the chosen colours
  • Determining the colour remedy
  • Application of Unicorn colour remedies
  • Meatphysical healing techniques
  • Chakra Lights and their use

Level 2 – The Earth Soul – Star Connection
Learn how to work with the subtle energy of the body, using the skill of kinesiology and attuning to your inner guidance. The sacred geometry patterns of the aura are aligned with colour therapy, including the chakras and other lines of energy. Consciousness is raised through interpretation of colour selections. Using kinesiology and colour therapy.

  • Accurate muscle monitoring/Kinesiology
  • Chakra balance
  • Energy Lines Balance
  • Introduction to consultation procedures
  • Personal consultation experience
  • Using kinesiology to personalise colour symbology
  • Using kinesiology to determine appropriate colour remedies
  • Colour Therapy remedy applications
  • The use of Chakra Lights and Rays of Light
  • Protect and clear energy fields

Level 3 – The Polar Shift Within
Work on the aura’s sacred geometric energy patterns in more depth. Learn how our whole body and nervous system functions with electro-magnetic energy.

  • Consultation procedures
  • Personal consultation experience
  • Subtle anatomy “Light Body” balance
  • Polarity balance – subtle energy healing
  • Massive Polarity reversals – sabotage
  • Magnetic balance
  • Centering
  • Electrolyte Balance
  • Colour Therapy using Rays of Light essences in the aura

Level 4 – The Multi-Dimensional Being Soul Power
Learn in depth kinesiology skills to identify where the underlying stress is being held, and to identify what is required to correct that imbalance. Whether the imbalance is structural in the physical /or nutritional as a deficiency or sensitivity /or in the personal lifestyle or ecology/ or an emotional cause /or an electrical and nervous system imbalance /or spiritual cause. Using kinesiology, the cause and time of cause can be identified and this dealt with.

  • Finger Modes
  • Age Recession
  • Centering
  • Hyoid Testing
  • Gait Testing
  • Cloacal testing
  • Blood Chemistry
  • Emotional Stress Release
  • Colour Issues
  • Chakra Issues
  • RNA
  • Grounding
  • Life Style Evaluation
  • Cranial Balance
  • Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ)
  • Light Body Balance with Healing Energy and colour

Level 5 – The Unseen Connection
You will explore using kinesiology with other vibrational remedies, exploring other flower essence systems and how to dispense them, meridian energy work, and crystals – all used in combination with colour.

  • Pain techniques using kinesiology, energy and colour
  • Optimum preparation, completion and clearing in a consultation
  • Meridian Energy work with colour
  • The Doctrine of Signatures
  • Bach Flower Essences
  • Aotea Rose Essences
  • Essentic Forms – the shape of emotions
  • Wounded Spirit
  • Maintaining energy fields clear
  • Introduction to crystals/gemstones
  • Crystal Layout
  • Balancing with kinesiology, crystals and colour

Level 6
Advanced kinesiology and healing techniques to develop and enhance a Natural Health Practice incorporating kinesiology and colour.

  • Muscle Monitor to ease pain using Etheric Energy Pain Techniques
  • Muscle Monitoring techniques to optimise the balancing process
  • Study Ho’oponopono – Hawaiian healing and transformation procedure
  • Muscle Monitoring to identify optimum protection for self and others energetically and with colour.
  • Muscle Monitor to attune spiritually to connect with inner wisdom
  • Muscle Monitor to cut energetic inappropriate ties with others
  • Using a protective force field for self or others
  • How to align energy using sound
  • How to Muscle Monitor various card sets for self awareness and consciousness raising
  • Muscle Monitor extra techniques for grounding and closing down energy appropriately

FEE (each level): $495 for 16 hours (over 2 days)
Prepay Special Offer for 3 levels just $1200 (save $285)

Students who have done this course before may repeat it for a discounted fee of $150 per level. It can be great to do the courses more than once to experience more depth and understandings.

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