Whether a professional top athlete or simply enjoy your weekly sport - recovery and performance edge is a factor

Golf, rowing, cycling, dance, hockey, netball, marathons, swimming, football, bmx, endurance sports, sailing, bowls...

"I play rugby and I’ve been taking the sports drink and food formula and I’ve noticed it gives me more energy to train longer and I can get through a whole game without dropping off towards the end of the match.  I’m not sore the next day either and that gives me a big advantage to other players." - Leroy

improve your sports performance

Balance and harmonise the muscles of your body, ease body tension


Set your goal

overcome limitations, fears, setbacks, decide how you’d like to perform

Harmonise your mental, emotional and energetic self


Real Food Nutrition

endurance and stamina

Empact and Sport, everyday nutrition to stay well, especially during trainings and competitions

Lean Muscle

build lean muscle, lose the fat and create healthy body composition

Create the Right energy to Prepare, Perform and Recover