Choice Changes Everything

Consciously choosing my life and understanding our choices determine the quality of our outcomes has been one of the most helpful concepts that I’ve learnt to date. 

In childhood we had a disciplined approach to daily life – with nine siblings it needed to be.  Looking back I’m not sure I ever learnt that I have choices – one just took the subjects allocated at school and I thought I would be either a nurse, a nun, a typist or a mum. 
I went into the typing role and became one of the fastest and most sought after typist in the land! Later on that would result in severe carpel tunnel issues for which I’d have to find solutions for.
  I believe part of my attitude to say YES to life was due to my father whom I recall saying to me often: “Just say YES to things and work out how to do it later!”

Choosing to overcome struggles, beat the odds and learn new skills has now become a normal and comfortable part of life.
At 18 I left home and chose to see the world.   Imagine a naïve 18 year old Kiwi girl doing a Trek America tour across the States!  I choose a different path to the norm and one that’s rewarded me greatly.
When I started dancing I never got out of the heats at Nationals for three years.  My dance partner and I consistently worked at getting it right and went on to become multiple National title champions for 20 years after that.  We choose to succeed and overcome and learn what we needed to.
When I lost my health I thought I’d never be well again. It took all my strength of mind and will to keep searching for answers, solutions and remember that my body was well once; and it could be again. 

When struggles and challenges come, STOP, BREATHE, REFLECT on the outcome we want and CHOOSE our response accordingly. 
Relationships, career, health and wellness, personal development, food, business, sport – all areas of our life require the subtle response of choice.
Ask yourself this: If I don’t make a choice about …… today, where will I be in one month, six months, a year, two, three, four years from now?
This basic concept of ‘Choice changes everything’ gives us hope for the future.


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