Why Faith in Your Future Matters

Growing up in a family of nine children with seven boys and one sister certainly set the stage for a wide array of circumstances and experiences that would inevitably shape the way I viewed myself and how I see the world.  Learning to love, accept and have faith in myself and future is a blessing.

Being a quiet, shy and sensitive child which, when looking at it now, allowed be to develop sharp observation skills. Dad was a baker so we didn’t see him much, apart from holidays,  but we did have a stay-at-home Mum.  We all had to do our chores – and there were plenty!  Minding the shop was regular and I remember being 12 years old – selling cigarettes, making thick shakes, cooking burgers, giving change – how many 12 year olds could do that today? (well you wouldn’t be allowed to sell cigarettes now of course!)


Dad was a self-made entrepreneur and I observed his passion for life and how he supported his family.  The stress of life must have been hard  and yes probably he was way too hard on his children – but that’s another story!’   Then unexpectedly tragedy struck – My brother was killed on his motorbike at 24 years old and our  family fell apart –  I’d never seen my Dad cry before that.   Everyone in the family was hurting; it seemed like this catastrophic event seemed to change everything and it’s never been the same since.

My parents taught us that FAITH and FORGIVENESS Matter.   Firstly, one must BELIEVE that things can and will get better  and keep your eyes and ears OPEN and receptive to opportunities.  You must develop FAITH in yourself that you can and WILL find a way through life.

Be GENTLE and forgive yourself– in so doing we can forgive others.Watch Full Movie Streaming Online and Download

The greatest thing we can do in life is learn to love ourselves.  Be around people who can help you move forward.

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